Friday, July 20, 2012

No Cook Chocolate Ice Cream

Wasn't planning on making ice cream tonight, but when I realized it was National Ice Cream Day (thank you, President Reagan), we had to play along!!  I've made this recipe several times, but it's been a while.  Still as yummy as I remember AND we added some toasted almonds which made it even  yummier!  Yes, I would've added marshmallows if we had any and made Rocky Road!

No Cook Chocolate Ice Cream

1 can Eagle Brand
1 an evaporated milk
2 cups whole chocolate milk (I mixed 1 cup of our standard 1% milk with 1 cup whipping cream and added chocolate syrup)
2/3 cup chocolate syrup

Mix together and freeze according to your ice cream maker's instructions (20 minutes plus freezer time for me...that gave us milkshake.  Frozen solid next day.)

Young Chef's helping hand!

I could just drink it.....but the almonds wouldn't fit through my straw!

Yes, I put it on top of the washing machine in the laundry room for 20 we don't have to hear it!

This is the next day shot...the milkshake photos would NOT bring the boys to my yard. :-)
Happy National Ice Cream Day....and a fabulous, much needed, glorious 2.5 inches of rain AND two rainbows!

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