Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom's Veggie Soup

If I'm not mistaken, this was the first time I've ever actually eaten anything called Vegetable Soup. I don't like onions, bell pepper, or tomatoes, so this soup has been something I've avoided most of my life (and life's been just fine without it).

A couple of weeks ago, my mother decided to make some without things I don't like and brought me a bowl. I ate every bite. A couple of days later she brought me another bowl. Ate that one too! It was great...and I even ate a few of the diced tomatoes when nobody was looking.

She didn't follow a recipe, she just kind of made it up and dumped in the ingredients. I interviewed her for the recipe the day she made it and this is what I got:

Mom's Veggie Soup

4 lbs. good quality meat, cut into bite sized pieces (Mom used filet mignon, I'd probably use sirloin)
Onion (I would substitute garlic)
Add beef and chicken broth (one of each, quart sized)
Chopped celery (6-7 ribs)
Baby carrots cut into 1/3s, half pkg.
Large can whole new potatoes, cut into chunks, with juice
Regular sized can new potatoes, sliced, with juice
Can Ranch style beans, with juice
Can hominy with juice
Can corn, drained
Can LeSeur peas, drained
Green beans
Cabbage (chop and add last)
Can chopped tomatoes
Lima beans if desired (I would desire...)
*Mom didn't, but I would probably add zucchini

Cube meat and brown in onion (garlic for me). Simmer in broth until tender (sirloin would need to cook longer to become tender). Halfway through meat simmering, add fresh vegetables (but not cabbage). Cook celery and carrots 20 minutes until tender. Add remaining ingredients (canned ingredients and cabbage).

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