Friday, November 27, 2009

Oreo Turkey

Oreo Turkey

2 Double Stuf Oreo cookies
Small tube or can of icing (if using can, put some into baggie, cut tip and squeeze out)
Candy corn

Take apart one Oreo cookie, and lay one half down with icing facing up Then press a whole cookie into the icing of the cookie half (will probably need to use more icing to keep attached).

Place 3-4 cand corn into the icing of the whole cookie, sticking straight up like a turkey tail.

For head, place one Whopper in front of the whole cookie (will probably need icing to stick) and squeeze icing on to Whopper to create eyes.

Lay one candy corn in front of the Whopper to create the turkey's beak.


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  1. love it! i cant wait to have kids and make these with them:)