Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papa's Cucumbers

My grandfather would always have these in the refrigerator or on the dinner table.  It seemed like they went with everything.  I haven't made them myself in a long time, but I had some cucumbers and thought I'd give it a shot.  Not recipe and when I called my mother to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything, she didn't dare her!! :-)  No measurements here, just make it taste the way you like it.  This recipe took me back in time, to a kitchen I miss...and my Nana & Papa who I miss terribly.  They joined us for dinner the other night when I made these and we all enjoyed them!

Papa's Cucumbers

1 cucumber sliced (I left the skin on, Papa peeled his)
Vinegar (I used red wine)
Salt & Pepper ( a little salt, more pepper)
Sugar (maybe a tsp?  I used a package of Stevia)

I think I used a 1/1 ratio for the vinegar and water.  Just make sure they're covered in the container you're pickling them in.  Add salt, pepper, and sugar and let marinate as long as you can.

I made these about an hour before dinner and they already had a great flavor, but longer is always better!

They were the perfect "cool as a cucumber" compliment to our dinner that night.  The ones I ate the next day were even better!!

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