Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Homemade Pizza (kind of)

H.E.B. has a pizza kit available near the bakery/deli counter (at my store). I keep them in the freezer...along with all of the fixings for when I don't feel like cooking or something comes up. Last night was one of those nights.

The kit comes with two crusts and two packages of sauce and everything is delicious! The kit used to come with an extra bag for that other crust, but it no longer now I'm thinking of switching to Boboli. It's a pain in the rear to wrap up an extra pizza crust--knowing that it will eventually get freezer burn, so why bother. If you need two pizzas, I highly recommend them.

Anyway, me and my kitchen helper pulled together a delicious pizza last night. Our toppings were black olives and pepperoni. Riley said it was delicious...because he took part in its creation, I'm sure.

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