Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Other than onions, which I simply despise, there are some things I won't cook with. Not because I don't like them, because I'm afraid of them.

1. Yeast
2. Meat, with bone in it
3. Anything my family does well--Nana's Chicken and Dumplin's and Mom's Choclate Meringue Pie, for example. I have worked through my nerve and made a fabulous pot of our family spaghetti recipe (Uncle Roy, Nana, Papa, and Mom have added to it and each do it their own way basically following a recipe) once. And I've made a pot of Dad's famous pinto beans too, which always intimidated me. He walked me through and they were fantastic!
4. Pie crust (Pillsbury works for me)

I'm sure there are more, but Greta and I briefly had a conversation about this today and I've actually thought about it before. Now it's official, I posted it.

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