Monday, March 2, 2009

February 28, 2009

Breakfast Sandwich

1 English muffin, split
1 large egg
2 strips bacon, cooked
1 slice cheese

Halve English muffin and top one half with slice of cheese; toast. While toasting, fry (or scrabled would work too) egg.

When cheese is melted, remove from toaster and top with egg, followed by bacon slices (they fit better if you break them in half). Top with other half.

I used this recipe as my inspiration:

Quicker Than Fast Food Egg Sandwich

1 English muffin, split
1 large egg
2 strips Oscar Mayer Ready to Serve Bacon
1 Kraft Single

Place 1 English muffin half on microwaveable plate. Crack egg carefully on muffin. Microwave on high 40 seconds.

Fold bacon strips in half. Place folded strips and Singles over egg. Top with remaining English muffin half.

Microwave on high 30 seconds or until egg white is completely set and yolk is thickened around the edges.

(Kraft Food and Family Magazine Winter 2005)

I couldn't do the "microwave egg on English muffin 40 seconds" bit, so I made the sandwiches for real and they were great! If the quick version really works, it would be a great weekday on-the-go breakfast. Guess I'll have to stick with coffee.

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