Friday, February 17, 2012

CInnamon Roll Hearts

This isn't a recipe, but it's an idea inspired by Pinterest.  I was seeing all of these homemade cinnamon roll recipes in the shape of a heart for Valentines Day.  One recipe said to pinch the bottom to make it shaped like a heart.  Well.....I know that a circle pinched at the bottom does NOT make a heart, so I was off to make it work my way.

I stayed home with a sick baby, woke up at 5am on Valentines Day and decided to make a Valentine Breakfast for my boys.  The cinnamon rolls were my mission and I wasn't making them from scratch.  Cooking with yeast frightens me.

I opened a can of cinnamon rolls, unrolled each roll to a line, rolled up each end and THEN pinched the bottom and THAT made a heart.  I laid them in the pan and baked them.

On a comment, I read that once you iced them, they didn't really look like hearts anymore, so I iced them in the shape of the heart AND threw away most of the icing.  Nobody noticed--score!!

Served this Valentine breakfast with strawberry "moomies" (smoothies) and a smile!!

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